Sara is a skilled, sensitive masseuse. She is wonderful at assessing the specific needs of the person with whom she is working and the atmosphere in her clinic is peaceful (and professional) I have established the benefits of having regular massages. My body feels more relaxed and my whole being is less tense and more focused.
Joan Sharrock, Northcote

I treat myself to an hour of pure indulgence at Healing Hands each month! My job
requires me to constantly be responsible for clients and staff members; to be able to
turn my thoughts to myself for this hour is bliss. It helps clear an enormous amount of
tension that I never realised I carried in my body.
Kiri Rentoul, Torbay

A word of mouth recommendation started me seeing Mike and Sara at Healing Hands Massage to target problem muscles and aches and pains. I am now beginning each new training week feeling much fresher and with far less soreness.  Mike and Sara’s expertise is enabling me to train harder and recover quicker to realise my sporting goals.
Rex Lyes, Competitive Masters Cyclist


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